Recovery Support
Recovery is real.

Recovery means to retrieve something stolen or lost.
In recovery we reclaim our wholeness.
We retrieve our connection to life and our position in it.
For many of us it is hard to grasp that we are equally part of life with all living beings in it.
And many of us experience the hardship of reconnecting with ourselves, taking care of ourselves, owning our lives and moving towards self-respect.

The following recovery related and recovery specific topics are designed to inspire a deeper understanding of the issues we share. On the one hand they address the hardship of recovery and commonly shared difficulties. And on the other hand they are aimed to discover and nurture our internal nourishing resources to support our recovery. A deeper understanding reduces self-stigma and self-blame. It helps us grow self-compassion.

Workshops & Presentations

Each of the following inspirations and issues can be delivered as Presentations or more interactive workshops depending on your needs and company culture. Presentations may range from a 40 minutes Lunch & Learn to 2 hours. Depending on your needs workshops can be designed to any length from a half-day to a 4 weekly program. They may be tailored to your individual needs or company culture.

I believe the more we know about our physiology the easier it gets to forgive ourselves.
The following inspire to become "recovery literate"....

  • The Hardship of Self Care
  • Prerequisites of Self Care
  • The Mysterious “Me First”
  • Creating a space for ourselves
  • Know your Neurobiology to reduce self-stigma
  • Becoming emotionally literate-The dictionary of Feelings
  • Fist steps towards self respect

One of the hardest things in recovery is learning to be ourselves and actually enjoying our own company.
Here are ways to learn it.

  • On the impossibility to be with ourselves and the silent revolution to learn it
  • When meditation is too hard
  • How to nourish our minds and hearts

What does recovery mean to me?
In recovery we discover our "true" selves which were often different form the ones we adopted in order to survive.
I love discovering and growing our sense of self.

  • Discovering our Values
  • Identifying our needs
  • Building Blocks Boundaries
  • Raising Children in Recovery

Art and nature provide us with a deeper knowing to balance our understanding about ourselves.

  • Art and Nature in Trauma Recovery
  • Using my Cell Phone to create Recovery Art
  • Nature and Self-care

There are a number of ways Art and Nature naturally help us to recover, to heal, to strengthen our selves, and to nourish our minds and bodies. Art and Nature in Recovery provide us with a way to reconnect. We are able to reconnect in a non verbal way. Please also refer to our Art and Nature programs for details.

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