Grünberg Institute



to trauma-informed coaching and consulting.
I facilitate education, understanding and awareness
and the ensuing compassion we develop for ourselves and each other.
My programs combine the experience and expertise from the perspective of a professional and a peer.  
I develop programs for individuals and groups.
They may be customized for you, your team and organization.

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Trauma Awareness

The emergence of trauma-informed care is leading to a paradigm shift in how we look at our selves and each other.
When confronted with each other we move from our innate response of “What is wrong with you?” to the compassionate “What happened to you?”.

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Art & Nature

I view art not as a skill but as an occurrence. A way to be.
Being an Artist to me means seeing what is there.
Doing art is to accept the invitation of an encounter with the world around us. Animate and inanimate.
We learn how to reconnect and to forget ourselves in a good way.

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Recovery Support

I facilitate a deeper understanding of recovery issues. My passion is to reconnect us to our nourishing resources in recovery. We reduce self-stigma and move towards self-respect.

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For the Helping Professions

As professionals and parents alike it is often easier for us to take care of, tend to the needs, and empower others rather than ourselves. The following offer small retreats and presentations to help respect and nourish our own needs. They may be tailored for your individual needs or company culture.

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Coaching is defined as a creative relationship.
Coaching may be centered around specific issues, such as self care, emotional sobriety, boundaries, or transitions in life. I offer trauma informed recovery coaching as well as life coaching. Email me for confidential individual sessions, personal retreats, and group programs.

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