Art & Nature
Art is not a skill but an occurrence.

I view art not as a skill but as an occurrence. A way to be.
Being an Artist to me means seeing what is there.
Doing art is to accept the invitation of an encounter with the world around us. Animate and inanimate.
We Learn how to enable full concentration, to forget ourselves in a good way.

Art and Nature provide us with respites.
They can easily balance our often high paced goal directed lives.
Experience what it means to be in nature without using nature as a backdrop for taking photos, without using nature to exercise, without trying to accomplish something even healing.
In Nature we enjoy spaces without an agenda, specific goals or directional intention.
Experience nature not as something but being nature. Being in nature. Being nature yourself.
The same holds true for seeing Art.
Art helps us to slow down, empt our minds and feel life.
Art and Nature naturally allow us to be and forget ourselves in a good way.

The following workshops and retreats help us to rediscover those undefiled spaces.
They inspire us to experience what it means to be with ourselves without an agenda, without a specific outcome in mind, without or less expectation towards ourselves and the world around us.
They can be designed specifically for persons in recovery, recovery groups or caregivers.

Workshops & Presentations

All topics can be delivered as Presentations or more interactive workshops. Presentations may range from a 40 minutes Lunch & Learn to 2 hours. Depending on your needs workshops can be developed to any length from a half-day to a 4 weekly program. They may be tailored to your individual needs or company culture.

The following workshops are designed to experience a new way of seeing.

  • The Nourishing qualities of visual art
  • Being moved by the small and delicate
  • Introduction to Contemplation
  • Aesthetic Contemplation indoors
  • Aesthetic Contemplation in Nature

Experience Art and Nature as an invitation.

  • Art Walks in Nature - Taking a line for a walk
  • Coming to feel awe and appreciation
  • The joy of self-recognition: Schedule a guided Tour to your local ArtMuseum
  • Slowing down seeing anew

The following are hands on workshops.

  • What does mean to be ?
  • Creating a space for me
  • Using my Cell Phone to create Recovery Art
  • Fundamentals in the power of color
  • Being moved by the small and delicate

Art and Nature provide us with a deeper knowing to balance and understand ourselves.

  • Schedule Art Walks in Nature
  • On the righting capacity of Nature
  • Strengthening our senses
  • Receiving Art as a place to be
  • Receiving Nature as a place to be
  • The neurophysiological benefits of being in nature
  • The Benefits of Art and Nature in Trauma Recovery

There are a number of ways Art and Nature naturally help us to recover, to heal, to strengthen our selves, and to nourish our minds and bodies. Art and Nature provide us with a way to reconnect. We are also able to reconnect in a non verbal way and experience the joy of being allowed to "just be".

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