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Nourishing Resources

As professionals and parents alike it is often easier for us to take care of, tend to the needs and empower others rather than ourselves.
The following presentations and workshop offer inspirations to respect and nourish our own needs.

Workshops & Presentations

All topics can be delivered as Presentations or more interactive workshops. Presentations may range from a 40 minutes Lunch & Learn to 2 hours. Workshops can be developed to any length from a half-day to a 4 weekly program. They may be tailored to your individual needs or company culture.

We each have our own unique ways to nurture ourselves.

  • Acknowledging our Giving
  • Making room to define our space
  • Our personal meaning of self-care

    Taking a closer look at how our Nervous System operates makes it a lot easier to stay well regulated and nourished.

    • Building Blocks Boundaries
    • Naming our challenges and demands
    • Befriending ourselves with our triggers and resources when working

    Exploring how we stay centered amongst our closest helps us to become more aware of our capacity to give. To ourselves and others.

    • Quality time with ourselves first
    • Quality time with our children
    • Moving towards self-love

    The following inspire to become aware of the bigger picture we find ourselves in. There are specific nurturing qualities available to each of us.

    • Acknowledging our position in Life
    • The nourishing resources in our personal, historical and individual cultural heritage

    They may be specifically designed for your support group or agency.
    Please also refer to our Art and Nature Programs which offer a variety of thoughtful programs aiming to develop self-love.

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